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To book a FREE consultation with our Administrator and to see how we can provide help to you or your loved ones, please book a consultation meeting with us, it's FREE!

Is your loved one in need of a little extra help in the home? Are you worried they may fall, forget to turn the oven off, or even worse, wander off away from home? 

A Sacred Space Home Care Services can HELP!!! We are here to provide compassionate, reliable care for you or a loved one. We give you peace of mind, knowing they are being taken care of and kept safe in their home environment. 

We treat YOUR family, like OUR family. We train our caregivers and staff with the most current information to help us care for our clients. We carefully match our clients with a caregiver who can provide comfort, compassion, safety, and help with all their daily needs. 

A list of our services are provided below.