Four Ways In-Home Care Services Can Benefit Those Living With Elderly Parents

Keeping your parents close while they age can be a wonderful thing, but it can also come with challenges. Even those who live just a short distance away might not get to see them as often as they’d like. Building a house or moving away for school or work leaves many adult children juggling their own busy schedules and the demands of their career. Meeting the needs of aging parents from afar can be tricky, especially if they require more than occasional assistance and monitoring. Fortunately, in-home care services are available to help ease the burden on adult children and help senior loved ones remain safe and healthy in their own homes for as long as possible. Here are four reasons why in-home care services can benefit those living with elderly parents.

In-Home Care Can Help With Light Care Tasks

Some seniors are able to care for themselves completely, but others may require help with certain tasks and activities throughout the day. Some tasks that may be appropriate for in-home care services include:

* Meal Preparation -If a parent has a medical condition that makes preparing meals difficult, it may be necessary to bring in outside help. In-Home Care is an excellent source of help when help is needed in the kitchen.

* Transportation - If a parent has difficulty driving or doesn’t have a car, Home care workers can provide rides to doctor appointments, the grocery store, picking up prescriptions, and other necessary errands and tasks.

* Shopping - Seniors with limited mobility often have difficulty shopping for themselves. Home care workers can help by bringing home groceries, clothing, and other needed items from the store.

* Light Housekeeping and Laundry - Some seniors are able to keep up with housework, but others require additional help keeping their home clean and tidy. Home care workers can help with regular cleaning, laundry, and other light housekeeping tasks which will also help prevent falls and other safety hazards that may occur in the home.

In-Home Care Can Help With Heavy Care Tasks

Not all care tasks can be completed with light assistance, and in some cases, seniors may require more substantial medical care and supervision. Seniors experiencing a decline in their mobility or significant health issues may require additional care. In-home care services can help seniors with:

* Assistance With Walking - Seniors who experience a decline in their ability to walk can benefit from assistance with walking, including help getting up and down the stairs, and maneuvering throughout the inside and outside of the home.

* Medication Management - Seniors who require daily medication should take it as directed. Home care workers can help with supervision and monitoring to ensure seniors take their medication correctly and on time.

* Incontinence Care - Seniors with limited mobility who experience incontinence may require help with daily hygiene tasks like changing and dressing their depends.

* Assistance With Eating - Some seniors are able to eat independently, but others may require some additional assistance.

* Assistance With Grooming - Seniors who cannot use their hands may require assistance with grooming tasks like applying makeup, shaving, and applying lotion.

* Assistance With Bathing - Some seniors are able to bathe regularly on their own, but others require additional assistance with the process.

In-Home Care Can Provide Much Needed Companionship

Seniors often miss the company of their loved ones and may feel lonely when their children are not around. Home care workers provide seniors with a much needed friend and companion. Trained caregivers can spend time with your loved ones, playing games, reading to them, walking outdoors, taking your loved one on outings, and engaging in other activities.

In-Home Care can Help Monitor Well Being

Seniors who live alone may struggle with feeling alone and disconnected from the outside world, but in home care services can help them remain connected to loved ones and friends. Home care workers can help seniors stay connected to family and friends with calls, emails, facetime, zoom and other communication applications.